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Legoguy9875's News

Posted by Legoguy9875 - 2 weeks ago


Introducing the main villain of my upcoming Cosmo comic! A brief explanation of her abilities and weaknesses. You can find a textless version on Twitter

Wanted to reveal her before the comic's release, just so readers have an idea of her capabilities and are not confused by what happens in the comic.

Speaking of which, the comic's frames are all finished. Just need to add some visual elements, then they'll be ready to render and edit together.

EDIT: Publishing of the comic has officially begin! Find part 1 and future daily page releases here!



Posted by Legoguy9875 - March 17th, 2024


A new comic featuring Cosmo on her hero escapades against a new villain OC is in active development!

This comic won't have heavy lewd content like my previous Cosmo comics, but it will have some nudity and suggestive visuals (and a good amount of mind control for those in my audience that enjoy that ;) )

My plan is to have the panels done, rendered and in editing by the end of the month, and begin releasing the comic in April. As usual with my comic releases, it will be going live first on Twitter (and Bluesky for those that prefer that platform) with new pages daily until the comic has concluded, then it will go live as full posts on other platforms later.



Posted by Legoguy9875 - January 25th, 2024


Marina and Marie challenge each other to a game of Tableturf, with some interesting stakes.

Find out how their game ends in my first animated short of 2024, Tableturf Tie-Up, releasing January 25th on Newgrounds!



Posted by Legoguy9875 - October 26th, 2023


A 25-minute long 18+ animated special 7 months in the making

Releasing October 30th!



Posted by Legoguy9875 - October 8th, 2023

Progress update on Vampire's Curse - I am now in the process of rendering the last frames I need to finish the edit. The sound edit is roughly 50% done. At this rate, I'm on track to get this done well before Oct. 31st.

Rough length estimate: 25-30 minutes.

Just to quell expectations accordingly, don't expect a majority of that time to be sex scenes. There will be several of those present, but it will only take up roughly a third of the run time.

Plenty of fanservice and lewd imagery throughout though!



Posted by Legoguy9875 - August 6th, 2023


My new Shantae x Tomb Raider animated short is available now!

This short isn't a full-on NSFW animation - like the Splatoon Octoshade animation from earlier this year, while this short will have lewd imagery and a short sex sequence near the end, it's more action oriented.

Either way, I'm happy with how this short came out despite it being done in under a month, so I hope you all enjoy it just as much! (Yes, it will have sound)



Posted by Legoguy9875 - February 14th, 2022

https://twitter.com/Legoguy9875/status/1395439181896224768 My commissions are now available! Note that I have limited slots, so act quickly - once the slots fill up, commissions will close once more until the commissions I have received are finished.

1 Full-length animation

2 Looped animations

5 image renders

Use the link above to read up on how my commissions work, and if you're interested or have questions, DM me here or on Twitter!


Posted by Legoguy9875 - December 3rd, 2021

Just today, I started the first part of a new interactive comic series on my Twitter account - Shantae: Genies and Dragons! The story follows Shantae on a new adventure in a virtual fantasy MMO, going on quests that throw her into all sorts of lewd situations! All of her actions are voted on by the audience!

If you want to learn how the game works, check this post. You can see the details of her first quest and check out the first part and vote for her next action here!


Posted by Legoguy9875 - November 11th, 2021

So happy to see that I've reached 1k followers here on Newgrounds. Thank you all so much for following.

More content will be coming here soon, including a big project I have in the works for Christmas! More info on that will be available soon over on Twitter, Pixiv and Pillowfort, so follow me there if you want to get an early preview of that.


Posted by Legoguy9875 - November 1st, 2021

https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/18509713 I decided to start using my Pixiv page to post new renders. This won't replace Twitter or Pillowfort, just acts as an additional platform that I can use to fall back on if either of those pages go down for whatever reason.

This also won't affect animations posted here, since Pixiv doesn't have reliable animation posting tools like NG does. It's mainly a platform for renders.